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​​​NTU Gears Up for Growth with Two New Schools

Published on: 31-Oct-2016


To position itself for future growth and continue to meet the aspirations of students, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will expand its School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) into two Schools—namely, School of Humanities (SoH) and School of Social Sciences (SSS).
From August 2017, incoming students majoring in Chinese, English, History, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies or Philosophy will be admitted into the School of Humanities; those studying Economics, Psychology, Public Policy & Global Affairs or Sociology will join the School of Social Sciences. 
FAQs for Current and Prospective Students
​1) ​Why is HSS restructuring?
HSS was established in 2004 with less than 60 students in one subject. The School has grown exponentially and now houses more than 3,500 undergraduates and postgraduates across nine core disciplines. We have now reached a point where the School has outgrown the administrative structure which was put in place more than a decade ago. The reorganisation of HSS into two schools increases flexibility for future growth, enhances opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary research, as well as continuing to fulfil the educational needs and aspirations of our students

2) Will the restructuring affect my academic programme?
​No. All academic programmes will continue without change. Your testamur displays the University name and logo; it does not reflect which School in NTU you enrolled into.
3) What are the administrative changes that would impact students and when would they occur?
The two new schools will become division-less, which will enhance interdisciplinary study, as well as leading to a more broad and enriching educational experience for students. Furthermore, each School will have its own Undergraduate Office.  Each Undergraduate Office will serve as a one-stop administrative centre for its respective undergraduates, regardless of discipline
From December 2016, the expanded Undergraduate Offices, as well as the Postgraduate Offices, will be located in Level 1, HSS Building. Please proceed to the new Offices for all your programme needs.
4) Where can I find more information about NTU’s Humanities and Social Sciences academic programmes?
All information on this website (, including admission requirements and academic programme details, remains valid for prospective students who wish to apply for the next intake in Academic Year 2017/18. 
Do keep a lookout for the new SoH and SSS websites which will be launched in January 2017. They will contain the programme information specific to each school. The SoH website will house information pertaining to the Chinese, English, History, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies, and Philosophy Programmes. The SSS website will contain details of the Economics, Psychology, Public Policy & Global Affairs, and Sociology Programmes.
All contact details (emails and telephone numbers) will remain the same until further notice.


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