Research Highlights


Over the past decade, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has developed a vibrant research culture that contributes to our understanding of both local and global issues.  The projects featured here highlight the School’s contribution to the development of humanities and social sciences in Singapore as we celebrate SG50.​


Title: How​ Governments Compete for Talent in a Globalized World​

Researcher: Nanyang Assistant Professor Chou Meng-Hsuan                           (Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme​)

Title: Strategies to attract the best overseas Singaporean scientists back home                       


Researcher: Assistant Professor Wang Jue

(Public Policy and Global Affairs Programme)




Title: How the Social Sciences Can Impact Our Understanding of Big Data​


Researcher: Assistant Professor Hallam Stevens

(History Programme)



Title: Addressing Climate Change and Food Security Challenges in the Asia-Pacific


Researcher: Assistant Professor Md Saidul Islam

(Division of Sociology)






Title: Researching English across Asia​


Researcher: Professor Kingsley Bolton

(Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)



Title: POWERZ: Garden Your Campus – Planting Virtual Flowers for a Greener and More Sustainable NTU​​


Researchers: Associate Professor Yohanes Eko Riyanto, Assistant Professor Walter Theseira and Assistant Professor Chang Youngho

(Division of Economics)






Title: Improving the Preservation of Meaning in Computer Translations Across Multiple Languages​


Researcher: Associate Professor Francis Bond

(Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies)



Title: Rewriting the Early History of Sinophone Cinemas in Singapore and Malaya​


Researchers: Assistant Professor Hee Wai Siam

(Division of Chinese)