Division of English


The Division of English offers a major and a minor in English literature, both the M.A. and the Ph.D. by research, and General Elective subjects to all NTU students. We also offer a creative writing minor.  By contributing to the university at large, and to those students who choose English literature as their major, we play a vital part in the New Undergraduate Experience.


The Division of English encourages innovative thought, open expression, and high levels of interaction and debate between academic staff and students with the aim of developing a thriving and exciting home for ideas and creative expression. We accommodate contemporary innovative approaches to literary study in a spirit of openness and intellectual discovery while cultivating an environment that encourages adventurous thinking from a diversity of perspectives.


While the Division of English offers a full range of modules on traditional canonical literature across its academic programmes, it also remains constantly alert to developments in contemporary literature and culture including Asian and Southeast Asian literary and cultural trends.


​News and Events


(Seminar) 18th October 2016, 6pm
John Banville and Art by Assoc Prof Neil Murphy

(Seminar) 5th October 2016, 6pm
Fernando Pessoa, Ricardo Reis, Self-Awareness and Art by Assoc Prof Terence Dawson

(Seminar) 21 September 2016, 6pm
Towards a Poetics of Animality: Agency, Representation and Stomach-Turning Humanism in D.H. Lawrence’s Essays by Dr. Asiya Bulatova

(Seminar) 7 September 2016, 6pm
Indivisible Pairs: Taking Apart Eighteenth-Century Catechisms by Dr Katherine Wakely-Mulroney