Prospective Students


Why Choose HSS

Why Choose HSS

  • Like our students, we are young, ambitious and growing
  • A new and unique option for studying humanities and social sciences in Singapore
  • A place for bright, mature, and dedicated students
  • A place to embrace the intellectual and practical challenges of a rapidly changing world..


We offer

  • Direct Honours Degrees
  • An exciting selection of double-majors
  • A large choice of minors
  • Smaller class sizes and more personalized teaching
  • Subjects offering breadth and depth of analysis
  • An attention to practical and adaptable skills


                       "We're not a huge, impersonal 'buffet',
                                  but a gourmet restaurant..."


Why HSS and why NTU?

  • A carefully-crafted curriculum
  • Our Professors are chosen from the top universities worldwide
  • An energized, dedicated faculty
  • A world-class university
  • An increasingly vibrant campus culture