The LMS Team



Faculty Office Telephone Email
Kingsley Bolton

Research Interest: World Englishes, Sociolinguistics, Language and Globalisation
03-42 6790 4395 kbolton[at]
Francis Bond (凡土(ボンド) フランシス)
(Assoc Prof)

Research Interest: Computational Linguistics, Computational Lexicography, Machine Translation, Word Sense Disambiguition, HPSG
03-55 6592 1568 bond[at] fcbond[at]
Francesco Cavallaro
(Assoc Prof)

Research Interest: Language Maintenance and Shift, Language Policy, Minority and Endangered Languages
03-54 6592 1710


Chan Hiu Dan Alice
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics and Cultural Neuroscience
03-49 6592 1518 alice[at]
Alexander Coupe (อเล็คแซนเดอร์ คูเป)
(Assoc Prof)

Research Interest: Descriptive Linguistics, Typology, Languages of South Asia and Mainland South East Asia
03-56 6592 1567


František Kratochvíl
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Language Description, Documentation and Typology, Language Maintenance and Language Shift
03-53 6316 8961 fkratochvil[at]
Randy John LaPolla(羅仁地)

Research Interest: Sino-Tibetan Linguistics, Austronesian Linguistics, Linguistic Typology, Pragmatics (Communication)
03-45 6592 1825 randylapolla[at]
Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy (陸 鏡光)

Research Interest: Chinese Linguistics, Conversation Analysis,
Tone and Intonation, Loanword Phonology, Contrastive Grammar of English and Chinese
03-48 6513 8140


​Scott Reid Moisik
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Phonetics and phonology; anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of speech; phonation and laryngeal articulation; voice quality in speech, personas, imitations, and characters; language and genetics

​03-51 ​6316 8791 ​scott.moisik[at]
Ng Bee Chin (黄 美真)
(Assoc Prof)

Research Interest: Studies in Bilingualism and Multilingualism,
Language Acquisition in Multilingual Context, Semantic and Conceptual Acquisition, Chinese Linguistics (specific focus on Hokkien)
03-52 6790 4329


Luca Onnis
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Cognitive mechanisms of learning in infants and adults, Computational modeling and Corpus linguistics, Brain bases of language, Language evolution.
03-44 6592 1759 lucao[at]
Ivan Panović
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Linguistic Anthropology, Arabic Sociolinguistics, Ethnography of Writing, Social and Cultural Construction of Literacies, Language Attitudes and Ideologies
03-46 6592 1822 ivan[at]
Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

Research Interest: Historical Linguistics, Language Documentation, Descriptive Linguistics, Historical and Diachronic Toponomastics, Onomastics, Theoretical Linguistics, Etymology, Indo-European Linguistics, Austronesian and Papuan Languages, Historical Semantics
​03-43 ​6514 8395 ​fcacciafoco[at]
Stefanie Alexa Stadler
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Competence and Effectiveness, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Multimodality, (Cognitive) Sociolinguistics
03-41 6592 1565


Tan Ying Ying(陈 颖芸)
(Assoc Prof)

Research Interest: Phonetics and Phonology, Prosody, Tonal Systems, Language Planning and Policy, World Englishes
03-50 6514 1040


Francis Wong Chun Kit
(Asst Prof)

Research Interest: Cognitive Neuroscience, Psycho/Neuro-linguistics,
Communication Disorders
03-35 6592 7880 franciswong[at]