Master of Science in Applied Economics




Aim of the Programme 

The MSc (Applied Economics) programme aims to provide rigorous post-graduate training in Applied Economics that would be useful in both the private and public sectors, and in all facets of economic research activities. Our curriculum is unique for its focus on producing quantitative-oriented researchers and analysts with strong theoretical insights.


Specifically, this NTU programme specializes in equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in economic policy analysis by utilizing techniques such as econometrics, financial applied econometrics, cost-benefit analysis, project evaluation, and financial modelling, etc. Such skills are very useful for economic analysis of social policy, investment and portfolio management. Employment opportunities for graduates with these skills include public service, investment banks, broking houses and consultancies.


The Msc Applied Economics programme will commence full time intake in July 2017. Online application will opens from 01 Dec 2016 and closes on 30 Apr 2017. (Closing Date 05 May 2017 for submission of supporting documents).


For application please apply on line:$adm_main.notice and send all your documentation to:
Nanyang Technological University​
MSc Applied Economics Programme
14 Nanyang Drive, HSS-02-19
Singapore 637332
(Attn: Mr Lim Tan San
Telephone number: 6592 2433)
Incomplete documentation will not be processed.
For information on supporting documents, please refer to:
For enquiry, please email to:
1. If you have not graduated from your undergraduate degree and waiting for your graduation, you can request
   your university to issue a letter stating that you have completed all the requirement for your undergraduate
   degree and has been awarded the degree. Otherwise your application will not be processed. Please wait for
   the next available online application date.
2. If you are enquirying about the status of your application, please refer to:
3. If you are enquirying about housing information, please refer to:
4. Beside the programme fee, there are miscellaneous and insurance fee payable:​

5. If you have problems with the application process or with your email, please email servicedesk: