Division of Psychology


Research team led by Asst Prof Setoh Pei Pei sets up research facility at KidsSTOP, Science Centre


NTU partners Science Centre Singapore in an interesting research to find out if babies and toddlers are born with early abstract expectations or whether they learn through socialisation. A five-year research programme has been set up that aims to understand the moral and social behaviour in babies and children.  The research team led by Asst Prof Setoh Pei Pei will set up research facility at KidsSTOP in the Science Centre, with the target group being children aged three months to six years old. The research will help childhood educators, researchers and parents to understand children’s behaviour and how they think. With a deeper understanding of the children’s in-born learning framework, education can be better tailored to the framework and help children learn faster. The morality framework of children can also be used to design better moral education, hence increasing the quality of society.

More details can be found here​.