Name Research Interests Contact Info

HO, Moon-Ho Ringo
Associate Professor
Quantitative Psychology,
Applied Statistics
Email: homh
Room: HSS-04-07
Phone: 6316-8944
Ang, Chong Han Jansen
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Senior Principal Psychologist,
Singapore Police Force
Community resilience,
Trauma Intervention
Email: Jansenang
Room: HSS-04-23
Phone: 6592-1577
CHEN, Annabel Shen-Hsing
Associate Professor
Clinical Neuropsychology
Cognitive Neuroscience
Email: annabelchen
Room: HSS-04-19
Phone: 6316-8836

​Cheon, Bobby
Nanyang Assistant Professor
​Social/cultural Psychology,
Cultural Neuroscience​
Email: BKCheon
Room: HSS-04-01
Phone: 6592-1570

Cho, Eunae​
Assistant Professor

​Industrial Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology Email: eunaecho
Room: HSS-04-20
Phone: 6592-1575

Gianluca Esposito_thumb.jpg

Esposito, Gianluca​

Nanyang Assistant Professor

​Developmental and Clinical
Room: HSS-04-14
Phone: 6592-1573​
GUMERT, Michael
Associate Professor
Primate Behavior and Socioecology Email: gumert
Room: HSS-04-05
Phone: 6514-1094

HO, Hau Yan Andy​
Assistant Professor
​Community Health Psychology,
Qualitative Psychology, Participatory
Action Research​
Email: andyhyho
Room: HSS-04-03
Phone: 6316-8943​
ITO, Kenichi
Assistant Professor

Social and Cultural Psychology Email: KIto
Room: HSS-04-11
Phone: 6592-1700

​James, Hale​
Visiting Professor

​Educational Neuroscience,
Pediatric/School Neuropsychology
Email: jhale
Room: HSS-04-13
Phone: 6316-8935
Khader, Majeed
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chief Psychologist,
Singapore Police Force
Forensic Psychology Email: majeed
Room: HSS-04-22
Phone: 6592-1576
Lee, Albert
Assistant Professor

Cultural Psychology,
Social Psychology
Email: AlbertLee
Room: HSS-04-09
Phone: 6592-1572
Lim, Choon Guan
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychiatrist
Institute of Mental Health
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Email: cglim
Room: HSS-04-23
Phone: 6592-1577
Long, Foo Yee Fred
Adjunct Associate Professor
Trauma Psychology, Crisis Intervention & Management Email: fyflong
Room: HSS-04-14
Phone: 6592-1573
Maus, Gerrit​
Nanyang Assistant Professor
Perception and Cognitive Neuroscience
Email: maus
Room: HSS-04-24
Phone: 6592-3533​

PANG, Joyce
Associate Professor
Personality and Social Psychology Email: joycepang
Room: HSS-04-08
Phone: 6790-6745
OR, Charles
Assistant Professor
Visual Perception and Psychophysics, Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive Science Email: charlesor
Room: HSS-04-16
Phone: 6316-8934
QIU, Lin
Associate Professor

Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology,
Computer-mediated Communication,
Human-computer Interaction,
Computational Social Science 

Email: linqiu
Room: HSS-04-15
Phone: 6513-2250
QU, Li
Assistant Professor
Email: quli
Room: HSS-04-04
Phone: 6514-1052
SETOH, Pei Pei
Assistant Professor
Developmental Psychology, Infant Cognition, Causal Reasoning
Email: psetoh
Room: HSS-04-12
Phone: 6316-8743
Shen, Biing-Jiun
Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Behavioral Medicine
Email: BJShen
Room: HSS-04-02
Phone: 6316-8949
Nanyang Assistant Professor
Psycholinguistics, Language Development, Cross-modal perception
Email: suzy.styles
Room: HSS-04-21
Phone: 6316-8835
WAN, Ching Catherine
Associate Professor
Shared representations of culture
Cultural identity, Multiculturalism
Social cognition
Intergroup processes
Email: wanching
Room: HSS-04-10
Phone: 6316-8945
XU, Hong
Assistant Professor
Perception and Neuroscience Email: xuhong
Room: HSS-04-06
Phone: 6592-1571
Yeo, Kwang Nge Clare
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist & Head
Institute of Mental Health
Clinical Psychology Email: clareyeo
Room: HSS-04-23
Phone: 6592-1577