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The PhD in Public Policy and Administration at NTU is a theoretically grounded research degree designed to develop qualified researchers and teachers to undertake sophisticated research in public policy and public administration with an Asian-Pacific perspective. It also aims to train the next generation of professionals for the public service in the region. Program graduates will possess the skills to delve into complex administration and policy issues and create organizational conditions that enable public and nonprofit organizations to achieve their public policy objectives. They will be well-equipped to assume a leadership role in public service or pursue a academic career upon graduation.

Hosted in the School of Humanities and Social Science, this graduate program combines the interdisciplinary strength within NTU. It explores the intersection of technology, culture, organizational dynamics, international affairs, political economy, political sociology, and public policy. Its curriculum is tailored to provide students with the skills and capacity to critically analyze and define the broader economic, institutional, social and political issues of public administration / public policy.

Specifically, the curriculum of this multidisciplinary programme is designed to develop the following competencies for candidates to effectively deal with increasingly complex public policy/public management issues:

  • Substantial knowledge in the fundamental intellectual tradition, the core subject matter and methodologies as well as to an mastery of public policy and administration;
  • Solid foundation of multiple academic disciplines supporting advanced scholarship in public policy and public administration, including political science, economics, management, and sociology throughout the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University community;
  • Considerable competency for leading academic careers as researchers and teachers;
  • Extensive capability to inform the practice of public policy and public administration by the dissemination of ideas of the field.


Admission Requirements

Besides the requirements set by the University’s Admission and Matriculation Statute, admissions to the Ph.D. Program in Public Policy and Administration require a completed Masters degree in Public Policy, Public Administration, Law, Political Science, International Relations or related field. The admissions decisions are based on the strength of the candidates’ academic record, English language competency, references, and a demonstrated capacity and motivation to pursue independent research in public policy and administration.

The Ph.D. Program in Public Policy and Administration has only one admission every year in August. It is a full-time Ph.D. program. Part-time study is not offered.

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Period of Candidature

This PhD programme is a full-time study. Typically, the expected duration of study is about three to five years. A minimum of 3.5 GPA is required for the students to continue his candidature.



The curriculum is designed to provide students a solid foundational knowledge in public policy and public administration as well as to equip candidates the essentials of research skills for original investigation and analyses on enduring questions of public policy and public administration. The curriculum offers a combination of compulsory foundation courses and two concentrations in Public Policy and Public Administration. The completion of course works normally requires up to two years full-time study. For the elective courses, students can choose from the concentration courses or from other schools with the approval of the supervisor.

The courses

Compulsory Courses

These foundation courses will help the students gain substantial competency in the core subject matter and methodologies that are central to preparation for the Ph.D.

  1. Theories of Public Policy
  2. Theories of Public Administration
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Graduate Communication (HWG710 as required by GSO)

Elective Courses

Public Policy Concentration

This concentration involves a substantive policy area, such as environment, urban development, education, public health, and science and technology. It trains the students in a wide range of methods used to analyse policy outcomes and effects to develop a theoretical grounding in a social science discipline combined with multi-disciplinary training in the economic and institutional frameworks within which policies are developed, implemented, administered, and evaluated. Students in this concentration can choose at least 2 courses from the following list:

  1. Policy Analysis
  2. Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
  3. Politics of Policymaking
  4. Comparative Policy
  5. Seminars on Singapore Public Policies
  6. Advance seminars on Policies

Public Administration Concentration

This concentration focuses on the application of theory to administrative practices in public sector and nonprofit organizations and on the environment in which these organizations function. It involves issues of and approaches to the general field of Public Administration, as well as coverage of major subfields. It aims to help the students obtain a firm understanding of the broad intellectual tradition of public administration. Students in this concentration can choose at least 2 courses from the following list:

  1. Public Management and Institutional Analysis
  2. Ideas and Issues in Public Administration
  3. Organization Behavior in the Public Sector
  4. Political Economy of Globalization
  5. Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  6. Comparative Public Administration
  7. Advanced Seminars on Public Management


Comprehensive Examinations

Upon completion of course work, and before thesis research, the student is given a written examination in chosen areas of specialization.


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